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Essential Unit Question: What is the role of government in everyday life?

Daily Learning Target:
Explain the origins of the Iranian Hostage crisis and how it impacted Carter’s presidency and future relations with Iran.

Music Monday:

Iranian Hostage Crisis

Daily Learning Target:
 Explain the tenets of Reagan’s campaign in terms of economic policy and how it compares to present day conservative strategy.

1. What evidence do you see in Reagan’s 1981 Inaugural Address1985 Inaugural Address (Video here) that help you understand his approach to the role of government?

2. What were Marginal Tax Rates historically and how does that compare with today’s rates?

3. How did Reaganomics compare with the approach advocated by LBJ?

Daily Learning Target:
Contrast the cultural and political themes of the 1980s with those we studied during the 1960s. How do these compare with today?

Popular Culture Themes: Eighties

Thursday & Friday
Daily Learning Target: 

You will be hosting poster sessions for your research paper both days. You will be sharing your paper to four separate groups of people. Be prepared to answer questions about your paper and in what ways you learned to “use history.”



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DQ: What do you see as the role of government in daily life?

80s Music Monday- in honor of Fine Arts Week!

In Class:

1. Iranian Hostage Crisis (Carter)

2. Reagan’s 1981 Inaugural Address; 1985 Inaugural Address (Video here.)

3.Popular Culture Themes: Eighties

4. Scored Discussion: 1980s. If you are absent for this discussion, these are the questions you should address in a  1 1/2 page discussion paper. Be sure to include brief quotes from the reading and Reagan’s speeches.

What themes are characteristic of the 80s? How do you know? How does what Reagan discussed in his inaugural addresses compare with what Bradford Martin discusses in Popular Culture and the Culture Wars? Which of his references deserve or motivate more research? What parallels do you see with contemporary pop culture? What parallels do you see with 1960s culture?

5. Next week Wednesday and Thursday we will be watching excerpts from this documentary on Reagan. Be sure to know what’s on the this viewing guide (listen for the themes of: Fall of the USSR, Iran-Contra Affair, Reaganomics.

Reagan-Carter debate “Are you better off…”


1.Read excerpt from The Other Eighties by Martin Bradford for Friday’s discussion. Text mark-up includes: a) nutshell sentences per sheet, vocabulary circled that’s unclear or fabulous, 3 discussion questions for the packet.

2. Research Paper due Monday, June 3, 2013. We’ll be in the LMC on Tuesday working on it. Bring your drafts and questions.

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